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How To Find a Job With No Experience

Do you want to break into a new industry but have absolutely no experience? Now's the time to take steps towards a career in technology, and if you're thinking that this would make for a challenging situation, you're right! But if you have some basic computer science skills and a strong aptitude for problem solving, then it's easier than you may think to land a job that will allow you to be successful.

Really Work On Your Resume

You should consider the type of work you have done in your past, as well as the skills you possess, to determine what is relevant to a job you are pursuing. You may have more work experience that matches a specific job posting, or you may have no experience at all. The key is to apply to as many positions as possible to make sure you don't miss out on your next job.

Do Your Research.

You can find plenty of jobs online, but you need to be sure that the company is legitimate. If you go to the job website for the company, you can find out where the company is located, how many people are currently working there, and what the job duties are. Do a Google search for the company’s name and a few key words to find other jobs that people have posted about the company. Always check the company’s references.

Start Small If You Have No Experience.

You want to look your best, so don't let your first job think you can get away with wearing a poncho and a sombrero. Once you have a good base of experience under your belt, show what you have by moving up in rank.

Use Your Soft Skills Even If You Have No Experience.

In order to have a successful job search, you have to market yourself as someone who has desirable qualities, not a person who has already been successful. Hiring managers want to know how you will fit in with the company culture, and if you have these traits, they will find a way to make you fit in.

Many people start jobs with little to no work experience, so it's important to showcase your soft skills at your job interviews. If you can show your ability to work as a team player, demonstrate initiative, and tell your own story, you're going to be much more appealing to hiring managers.

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