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How To Find a Job Where You Help People

Prior to coming to my current job, I was working in another sector which provided me with work that helped people. But, I wasn't making a difference or having the connection to make an impact. I felt like I was just a cog in a machine.

I took a job at a for-profit company with the goal to find and provide customers with the best products and customer service. This was going to be the perfect job for me as I was not being restricted by my morals.

I quickly discovered that I hated the work and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't bring myself to make the decisions that were necessary. I soon realized that I hated being a salesperson, and that job was my only option. After a few weeks, I told my boss I was going to quit.

Finding a Job as a Translator

They provide translation services, they translate documentation, they translate marketing materials, they translate legal documents, and even they do corporate training. And they're all in need of translators. It's up to you to find the right one. Translators do all kinds of jobs, but one of the most common and highly valued is translating and it often involves working with people.

Finding a Job as a Social Worker

They work for schools, care for the elderly, aid victims of domestic violence, etc. While social work has been a thriving career for thousands of years, and social work schools were also founded in the late 1800’s, there is a growing shortage of social workers.

Finding a Job as a Teacher

How does that look, for some of you? Perhaps you’re a sports teacher, teaching rugby, netball or soccer. You’re the coach and the psychologist at the same time. You’re engaging with them, teaching them to take responsibility, and they’re learning from you. Are you perhaps a maths teacher? Maybe you’re coaching swimming, maybe you’re the maths tutor for the school. But what if you don’t want to teach? What if you want to teach another role? There are always ways to explore your teaching career further.

Finding a Job as a Life Coach

The potential client or clientele is usually looking for some kind of solution to his or her current situation. People who are looking for a career change are looking for a career coach who can point them in the right direction. In a sense, a career coach and a career adviser are both positions to help you identify what you want in your life and direct you towards getting it.

Finding a Job as a Nurse

Whether it be IV, constant blood sugar checks, labor and delivery, or administering medication, nurses are responsible for much of what goes on in a hospital. On average, a nurse makes between $35,000 and $52,000 per year. That’s above and beyond the pay of many other professions, but it is still far below the amount that doctors and lawyers can earn. This job is in high demand, which means it is likely a good match for you.

So which career will you choose for yourself?

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